He now identifies with the Rothbardian/Misesian wing of the liberty movement and has interviewed many of the top voices in this world including:
  • Lew Rockwell 
  • Ron Paul
  • Tom Woods
  • Jeff Deist
  • Scott Horton
  • Mark Thornton
However, DTT also makes an effort to feature red-pilled guests from other perspectives that are not directly linked to the An-Cap world including legendary
Paleo-conservative Paul Gottfried, feminist Meghan Murphy, InfoWars reporter Joe
Biggs, the great journalist Peter Van Buren and psychobilly king, the Reverend Horton Heat.
Buck is a huge proponent of secession and decentralization and regularly discusses these topics as well as foreign policy, the police state, leftist authoritarianism and many other interesting topics.

Death To Tyrants drops every Monday and can be found on any of the podcast platforms out there.
The DEATH TO TYRANTS PODCAST is a hardcore paleo-libertarian/ An-Cap podcast out of Austin Texas hosted by longtime musician and libertarian BUCK JOHNSON.  He has played drums for many of the roots, rockabilly, punk and country acts in Austin including with the great Jimmie Vaughan at many of the Ron Paul rallies back in 2008 and 2012.

Buck has been a libertarian for two decades and recalls his  “awakening moment” when he read Harry Browne’s book,      “The Great Libertarian Offer”.


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